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Chiropractic-Kent-WA-Eva-Testimonial"I did not believe it would help to "crack my bones". After less than 6 months of chiropractic treatment, I realized that I was very uneducated about the benefits of chiropractic care. Dr. Flynn has changed that! I am now a firm believer that chiropractic care is beneficial to your overall health.

A few months before starting treatment, I injured my neck and back in a work-related accident. I began to see Dr. Flynn because my daughter said it would help ease the pain. As I mentioned before, I did not see how chiropractic was going to help me, but because nothing I or my medical Dr did was helpful in easing the constant headaches and back pain I made an appointment to see Dr. Flynn. After receiving my first adjustment, my headaches disappeared and the pain in my back subsided immensely. More importantly, I was able to stop taking the pain medications that in my opinion only added to my misery. They did NOTHING to ease my pain!! In fact, the nausea and sickness they caused made me feel even worse.

Because of my association with Dr. Flynn, I have become more aware of health issues and have a better understanding of chiropractic care and its benefits. He has helped me to see that chiropractic is just the first step in leading a healthier lifestyle. Dr. Flynn is not only a great doctor who provides his patients with the best possible chiropractic care, but he is also a great teacher who takes the time to educate his patients."

- Eva M.

Here is what our children say about Flynn Chiropractic!

Chiropractic-Kent-WA-Ian-Testimonial"I am 3 years old. I started seeing Dr. Flynn when I was only one week old because my mom knew that prevention care would keep me healthy and strong as I grew up. I really like coming to Dr. Flynn's to get adjusted. I can climb on the table all by myself, and Dr. Flynn plays with me afterward. I am always happy after my adjustment. I have learned while coming here that it is still okay to be a kid, chiropractic just helps keep me on track to a healthy life. I would tell my friends that chiropractic will help with their ear infections, coughing, and other problems that kids often get! GET CHECKED!!"

- Ian K.

"I started seeing Dr. Flynn just a few weeks ago, but I was in a car accident, so here I am. I am 10 years old, and I have had ear pain every day for the last few years. I feel very good after an adjustment, so good, in fact, that just after my first adjustment, my chronic ear pain went away! I enjoy coming to Flynn Chiropractic for my adjustments. I have learned lots of things about my spine."

- Makayla P.

"I am 8 years old, and I have been seeing Dr. Flynn since I was born. My mom brought me to Dr. Flynn for prevention (that's so when I grow up, I won't have spinal problems), but I also see Dr. Flynn for my allergies. I enjoy coming to Dr. Flynn's to get adjusted. I feel Calm and good that my back is adjusted. Since coming to Flynn Chiropractic, I have learned all the things NOT to do with my back. I like coming to Flynn Chiropractic because all the people are nice."

- Alex D.

"I am 10 years old. I have been visiting Dr. Flynn for a few weeks. My grandparents brought me to Dr. Flynn's because I had scoliosis and leg pain and I wanted better posture. I enjoy coming to Dr. Flynn's to get adjusted, and I feel more energetic after my adjustments. I have learned never to pull your neck because you could hurt the bones, muscles, and tissue in your neck. I would tell my friends to see a chiropractor because it helps your posture."

- Michael C.

"I am 18 years old and I have been visiting Dr. Flynn for a few months. I began chiropractic care because my back has been giving me problems since I was 14 and I'd been having headaches. I come to the chiropractor regularly because it helps my back feel better and the headaches have been less frequent. I have learned not to cross my legs and sleep on my stomach because of the pulling those activities do to my spine. Everyone should get checked out BEFORE the problems start."

- Brianna T.

"I am 10 years old, and I started chiropractic care 6 years ago because of a car accident. I visit Dr. Flynn on a regular basis because it keeps me healthy and feeling good. I have learned to stretch my neck and hamstrings to keep my body functioning properly. I would tell my friends that Chiropractic keeps you healthy, so they should get checked."

- Gerard J.

"I am 16 years old and I have been visiting Dr. Flynn for 6 years. I began care here due to an auto accident, but I continue to care on a regular basis because it keeps my back O.K. for the future and I just want to stay healthy. Chiropractic has benefited my spine in many ways. My posture is good, and I never have any back problems. I have learned that a good spine keeps you healthy in many ways. I will tell my friends that chiropractic is very helpful in the long run ( You Won't have problems when you get older. )"

- Justin J.

"I am 13 years old and I have been receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Flynn for 4 years. I began care because I had back pain and headaches. Then I was in a car accident. What I like about chiropractic is my back stops hurting. The care has benefited my life by getting me healthier and making me straighter. One thing I have learned since coming here is that I should sit up straight and eat well. Chiropractic helps you a lot."

- Amanda B.

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